Is Alberta’s UCP Party Importing American Style Union Dues Laws?

April 23 2019 Is Alberta’s Newly Elected United Conservative Party Looking to the U.S. for Inspiration on Union Dues Law? Last week the people of Alberta elected the right-wing United Conservative Party (UCP)to a majority government, ending the one term reign of the left of centre New Democratic Party (NDP). The UCP ran on a platform that included repealing efforts to address climate change, promises to bolster the province’s oil-based economy, as well as the usual array of conservative goodies such as corporate tax cuts and, of interest to us, labour law reform aimed at weakening unions. A Familiar ‘Open for Business’ Agenda Alberta has long owned the lowest unionization levels of any jurisdiction in Canada, with private sector union density sitting at about 10 percent.  The UCP perceives even this low level of collect UCP Leader Jason Kenney ive bargaining as problematic. There isn’t much that is novel in the UCP’s…

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