IRS Offers Filing Relief For Taxpayers Affected By Software Outage

This week marks tax deadlines for some taxpayers – including tax-exempt organizations on a calendar tax year-end – but software outages caused concern that filings might not be timely. In response, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is offering guidance for impacted taxpayers. Unlike last year’s glitch, this outage isn’t an IRS issue. On May 6, Wolters Kluwer reported that it was experiencing network and service interruptions affecting certain of its platforms and applications. That included software like CCH’s suite of products used by many tax professionals. In response, the company took offline several applications offline “out of an abundance of caution.” Over the next several days, tax professionals faced with outages as the company grappled with the results of what has been characterized as a malware attack. On May 7, the company apologized for the inconvenience, adding that they had “seen no evidence that customer data…

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