IP Law and the Fashion Industry

IP Law and the Fashion Industry Frauds, Fakes, and Counterfeits: Protecting Fashion Goods Online Developing consumer and industry recognition for a fashion brand takes vision, creativity, and hard work. However, in the fashion industry – as in many industries – success invites comparison and innovation invites knock-offs.  As a fashion brand gains popularity, it will likely be faced with the challenge of protecting its recognizable products from competitors. With the growth of online retail, stemming the tide of counterfeit goods has become a central focus for fashion brands. Often, enforcement attempts require ongoing strategy and litigation is occasionally necessary to preserve a fashion brand’s intellectual property rights. Chanel vs. What Goes Around Comes Around Luxury brands are often key targets for copycat competitors. Chanel recently filed a lawsuit in federal court in New York against retailer What Goes Around Comes Around, alleging that What…

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