Iowa Senate Bill Would Require State Supreme Court Supermajority to Find Laws Unconstitutional

The Des Moines Register reports:The Iowa Senate narrowly approved a controversial bill Tuesday that says no state law can be held unconstitutional by an Iowa court without the concurrence of at least five justices of the seven-member Iowa Supreme Court. Senate File 2282 was approved on a 26-24 vote, sending it to the Iowa House, where it faces an uncertain future. All the votes in favor were cast by Republicans, while the opposing votes came from 20 Democrats, one independent and three Republicans.Here's the text of the bill:Pursuant to the provisions of Article V, section 4 of the Constitution of the State of Iowa, the general assembly declares that no statute shall be held unconstitutional by a court of this state except by the concurrence of at least five justices of the supreme court of Iowa.The Iowa Supreme Court is made up of seven justices, meaning that this bill would require a supermajority of justices to hold that a state law is unconstitutional.…

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