IOSCO finds gaps in implementation of key market principles in emerging member jurisdictions

By John Filar Atwood IOSCO issued a report that found that implementation of its five secondary and other market principles is high across most member jurisdictions, but lags in new and emerging markets. The five principles seek to promote fair, efficient and transparent markets, and the report provides recommendations to help certain countries strengthen their implementation of the principles. The five principles, which are a sub-set of IOSCO’s objectives and principles of securities regulation, are intended to promote fair, efficient, and transparent markets. Two of the principles deal with authorization, oversight, and ongoing supervision requirements, and another covers transparency requirements. A fourth principle covers detection and deterring market misconduct and the fifth deals with managing risks such as monitoring large exposures, default procedures and short selling. The report is based on review of 40 ISOCO member jurisdictions. The review was intended to…

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