Investor “One-on-Ones”: Pushing the FD Envelope?

When Reg FD was adopted back in 2000, some predicted the death of the investor “one-on-one” – private meetings between investors and top corporate brass. That prediction turned out to be about as accurate as the one that said we’d all be flying our jetpacks to work by now. Instead, these meetings remain common, particularly among companies seeking to raise their profile with investors.  But now the smarty-pantses at Harvard Business School have published a new study that looks what gets asked at those meetings.  While a lot of questions are pretty mundane – e.g. “what keeps you up at night?” – some clearly represent an effort to obtain more timely information about companies than what’s been publicly disclosed. Check out this excerpt: The cash balance of the firm two months after the release of the quarterly report may be stale information.…

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