Investor Files Sexual Misconduct-Related Securities Suit Against CBS

As I have noted in prior posts, one of the noteworthy aspects of the whole #MeToo movement has been that the accountability efforts have included not only claims against the wrongdoers themselves, but also against the wrongdoers’ companies and company executives for enabling the misconduct or turning a blind eye. In the latest of these kinds of sexual misconduct-related lawsuit, a CBS shareholder has filed a securities class action lawsuit against CBS Corporation based on revelations that the company’s CEO, Leslie Moonves, allegedly engaged in sexual harassment at the company. The lawsuit underscores the fact that revelations of sexual misconduct represent an emerging area of corporate liability.   Background As has been the case with several of the misconduct accounts, the allegations surrounding Moonves first came to light in an article in The New Yorker written by Ronan Farrow. The Moonves article, entitled “Les Moonves and CBS Face Allegations of…

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