Introducing the NRF Parker Chatbot for Canadian Trademark Law

Ensuring compliance with Canada’s new trademark regime is a step-by-step process. Norton Rose Fulbright trademark lawyers and agents can help your organization better understand some of the key changes, including: The new definition of what is a registrable trademark; The ability to file an International Trademark under the Madrid Protocol; The elimination of the filing of a declaration of use as a registration requirement; The ability to divide trademark applications; and Renewal term for any trademark issued or due for renewal will go down from 15 years to 10 The new Canadian trademark law will come into force on June 17, 2019. These pending amendments will introduce substantial changes to the Canadian trademark landscape that will allow Canada to implement the Madrid Protocol and Nice Classification, and will streamline the registration process. NRF Parker is available to help explain these changes and the opportunities they create for Canadian brand owners in…

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