Introducing A New Video Series, ‘Legal Tech in the Heartland’

Last spring, the global world of legal technology became a bit more connected, thanks to the unusual coincidence of of two legal tech world tours. One was by Dera J. Nevin, who traveled the world as the self-anointed “global ambassador for legal technology,” in conjunction with the Global Legal Hackathon. The other was by the UK company Legal Geek, which undertook Around the World with Legal Geek. I wrote about these tours in a column at Above the Law I titled, Legal Tech World Tours Take Off — But How About The Heartland? While the global tours sounded cool, I wrote, the legal tech tour I wanted to see would venture into America’s heartland. I want to know about the challenges faced by a solo lawyer in a small town in the Midwest. I want to talk to people in a rural legal aid office struggling to keep up. I want to hear from clerks and judges in an urban courthouse dealing with onslaughts of pro se litigants. And, yes, I want to hear…

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