Intestate Laws – When You Do Not Have a Surviving Spouse

This is the final installment of the intestate success series.  To see the other installments start here. If you’ve already read the second post in this series, then you know that the intestate succession can be rather complicated when you leave a surviving spouse and other family members.  But what happens when you don’t have a surviving spouse?  How are assets distributed in those circumstances?  Well, it depends on who survives you. When you do not have a surviving spouse, the distribution of your estate becomes much more straightforward with much less sharing and dividing.  There is no first $30,000.00 to take into consideration.  If you have children, they inherit your intestate estate.   The entire intestate estate is divided among all of your biological and adopted children.  If you have no children, but your parents are living, they inherit your intestate estate.   No children or parents? Your siblings…

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