Interviewing Professor Smita Narula: Food, Justice, and Us

Written by: Siyi Shen, Global Environmental Law Graduate Fellow Smita Narula is the Haub Distinguished Professor of International Law at the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University. She is an educator, scholar, and advocate with two decades of experience in the field of human rights and public policy. Pace Law was honored to have Prof. Narula speak at the 2019 Lloyd K. Garrison Lecture on “Food Sovereignty as a Path to Environmental Justice.”  The following summarizes an interview with Prof. Narula regarding her work and scholarship on food justice. What does food mean to you? Food is about love and abundance. It is something we share and consume every day. It is the most direct way we relate to the mother planet. It is how we transform the energy of the earth to the energy of our body. But food is also about deprivation and domination. Food issues are human rights issues. Prof. Narula entered the food policy field through her work as a human rights…

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