INTERPOL Rolls Back Individual Right to Access Information in its Files, Makes it Harder to Fight Abusive Red Notices

Over the past several years, thanks to human rights advocates’ hard work and growing attention from the media, the general public has had the opportunity to learn more about how governments abuse INTERPOL to persecute political opponents and other victims of unlawful criminal prosecutions.  The discussion about INTERPOL’s internal mechanism, which provides individuals the opportunity to fight the abuse, and its shortcomings, has travelled beyond scholarly publications and entered the general news cycle.  INTERPOL, in turn, has carried out reforms to eliminate some of those shortcomings.  The organization has rightfully been praised for the improvements it has made and called upon to close remaining serious loopholes.  Yet these reforms have also limited the rights of victims of INTERPOL abuse, and it is what the victims have lost as a result of the reforms that hasn’t received wide attention. Article 18 of INTERPOL’s Rules on the…

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