Internet Governance Forum To Return To Critical Internet Resources Issue (IP-Watch)

“The upcoming second Internet Governance Forum in Rio de Janeiro will have a very broad agenda with over thirty workshops, 22 best practice forums and 10 meetings of dynamic coalitions specialising in key issues such as access, diversity, openness and security. One outstanding issue at the 12-15 November forum is the renewed debate about critical Internet resources like IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, domain names and the overall functioning of the domain name system. After nearly causing a failure of the predecessor UN-led World Summit on the Information Society, it was kept off the agenda of the first meeting of the IGF in Athens last year. Now it is back and might overshadow the forum once more. “Critical Internet resources will be the single most contentious issue at the IGF,” said Robin Gross, executive director of IP Justice, which is involved in several dynamic coalitions. “There is a lot of unhappiness about the level of US government influence on ICANN,” she said. Governments are very interested in exercising control over their own infrastructure, she said. …”

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