Interim Judiciary Committees meeting in Illinois and Pennsylvania

This is going to be a very active week for interim judiciary committees. Today, October 24, the Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee looks at venue in personal injury actions (HB 1552) while tomorrow it will vote on HB 1552 as well as HB 1156 (Offense of phishing and for protection from liability under certain circumstances) and HB 1709 (child custody, further providing for consideration of criminal conviction).

The Pennsylvania Senate Judiciary also meets October 25. On its agenda N SB 433 (incorporation of benefit corporations) SB 903 (arson and related offenses) SB 1019 (“corrections managers”) SB 1092 (powers of attorney) Illinois’ Senate Judiciary Committee meets October 25 to consider HB1589 (custody and related court orders where one parent is in military service) and HB1604 (parents who violate visitation orders to have driving license suspended). At the same time the Senate is meeting, the Illinois House Judiciary I – Civil Law Committee will look at SB1694 (who has access to copies of the deceased patient’s records) while House Judiciary II – Criminal Law Committee considers a new law providing that any judge, circuit clerk or clerk of court, public official or employee, court reporter, or other person who knowingly and without lawful authority falsifies any public record received or held by any judge or by a clerk of any court commits a Class 3 felony (SB 1808).

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