Inspector General Criticizes GSA for Failing to Scrutinize Constitutionality of Trump Hotel Lease

Evan Schleicher An Inspector General report released Wednesday, January 16th, questions the constitutionality of the lease for the Trump Hotel in Washington. It points out  while the General Services Administration recognized that the President’s business interest in the lease raised issues under the Constitution’s Emoluments Clauses, they decided not to address those issues in connection with the management of the lease. Given that all government agencies must uphold the Constitution in conducting their business, the newly released report deemed it improper that such considerations were not made during the initial leasing of the property in 2012. Despite strong evidence that the Trump Hotel lease had violated constitutional principles, the Inspector General’s report did not explicitly state that the leasing of the property had violated constitutional principles or that the lease should be cancelled. It only recommended a legal review of the language…

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