Innocent Defendant Facing Criminal Charges: What are Your Options?

Innocent conviction, while an act of injustice, happens occasionally in New Jersey. The suspects who are not guilty of crime still must go through the process of defending themselves, but fortunately, it doesn’t always mean they’ll have to take it to trial. Nevertheless, finding a way to avoid conviction is necessary. Filing the Case in Question Most of the time when a case is filed in New Jersey, the only information available is from the police report. This limits the information to make a decision and doesn’t even take into account that the report may contain misleading information. The fallacies can result from misstatements, lies from witnesses, or errors/bias from the policeman writing the report. Minor discrepancies from the truth may occur in incidents, such as assault vs self-defense. Going to trial is a very real option, but the costs can be quite extensive, and therefore lawyers prefer to resolve this before it reaches that far. Pretrial Actions…

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