Information-based Regulation and the Search for Amazon’s Second Headquarters

Amazon has recently announced its plans for a second headquarters and is considering locations outside Seattle, where its current headquarters is located. Because Amazon is a high-wage company and its second headquarters is expected to house about 50,000 white-collar employees, its choice of where to locate will have an immense economic impact on the city it selects. Not surprisingly, cities have stepped forward in a veritable stampede to attract Amazon’s second headquarters. 238 cities have submitted formal proposals to Amazon in response to its request for proposals. Where should Amazon go? Analysts and news organizations ranging from Moody’s Analytics to the Wall Street Journal have jumped in to offer advice for Amazon on this subject. Some have ranked cities, and others have merely identified their top choices. All the rankings claim to be using criteria that Amazon’s request has outlined. Yet, their rankings and recommendations do not cohere. This poses a…

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