Infidelity Statistics

The infidelity statistics in this country are astounding. If you are married to someone who does not know the meaning of fidelity, you are not alone. If you are married to a serial cheater, you have probably considered divorce. Should you get to the point that the relationship is just not worth it anymore, an experienced divorce attorney can help. Infidelity by the Numbers More people surveyed reported infidelity than many of us would imagine. Consider the 2017 statistics: One or both partners report to infidelity in over 30% of marriages; Nearly ¼ of men admit to infidelity; Women confess to cheating at a rate of 14%; More than one-third of cheaters say the affair was with someone at work; Almost one-fifth of cheaters say it happened with an in-law; Over one-third of cheating occurs on business trips; One in 10 affairs start with an online experience; Women report revenge as a motive for affairs 14% of the time. After cheating once, cheaters are 350% more likely to…

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