Industrial Commission of Arizona Issues Advisory Document Outlining Best Practices for Full and Final Settlements

The Administrative Law Judge Division of the Industrial Commission of Arizona has issued guidance for cases involving full and final settlements, in the form of an informative and suggested best practices document.  The document can be found here, and applies to full and final settlements that take place on or after August 3, 2018.  You may recall our most recent blog on a modification to the 2017 Arizona law which enabled full and final settlements, or the permanent closure of claims.  Prior to the 2017 law, a claimant could reopen a claim at any time, despite the finality and resolution of the claim.  The 2017 law allows for future medical claims to be completely resolved, meaning that claims cannot be reopened once settled, even if medical treatment has changed or additional medical treatment is required. The most significant points of the recently issued guidance, as related to Medicare Secondary Payer compliance, include: That the Full and Final…

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