India Globalization Capital Class Action

Publicly available records indicate that a class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of investors in India Globalization Capital (NYSE:IGC; OTC:IGCC) in connection to alleged violations of securities laws by IGCC. Fitapelli Kurta is interested in speaking to investors who have complaints regarding investments made in India Globalization Capital between October 25, 2017 and October 29, 2018. The class action complaint specifically alleges that during the period in question, IGCC might have provided false and/or misleading material information, and/or failed to disclose adverse material information, chiefly: that the company’s business model was in flux, with an eye toward attracting investors in blockchain technology and cannabis; that the company had made overstatements regarding the positive aspects of its relationships with its manufacturers, partners and distributors, so as to increase the odds it would succeed in blockchain and cannabis markets; that due to these…

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