Independent Directors: New Class of 2018

Posted by Steve W. Klemash, Jamie C. Smith, and Kellie C. Huennekens, EY Center for Board Matters, on Saturday, March 30, 2019 Editor's Note: Steve W. Klemash is America’s Leader, Jamie C. Smith is Associate Director, and Kellie C. Huennekens is Associate Director, all at EY Center for Board Matters. This post is based on their EY memorandum. The EY Center for Board Matters took a close look at independent directors newly elected in 2018 by investors to Fortune 100 boards, and we are pleased to present the findings of our analysis of this “new class of 2018.” The report analyzes what these directors bring to the boardroom and how companies are showcasing those strengths, based on a review of corporate disclosures highlighting the skills, expertise and backgrounds associated with these new nominees. In the third year of this series, we also reviewed the same 83 companies’ entering class of directors in prior years to enable consistent year-on-year…

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