In Legal as in Other Business Functions: Match the People You Assign to the Task at Hand (Part II of III)

Part II Match the attorney you pick to the decision-maker you face if a court, regulator, or prosecutor with a distinctive viewpoint will be driving the legal outcome. … An iconic statue of Lady Justice adorns many courthouses. Don’t take her blindfold too literally. For instance, a lawyer who practices in Chicago should think twice before taking a case before a circuit court in downstate Illinois. Here the distinctive viewpoint consists of favoring those attorneys who are members of the local legal community — and disfavoring strangers. It’s not universal — but it’s widespread and very real when you run into it. It’s called getting “home-towned”. A distinctive viewpoint can go beyond locality to take the form of “the way that this regulatory agency does things” — or “the way that this prosecutor’s office approaches a criminal charge”. Beyond this, decision-makers like judges or…

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