In-House Lifers at Job Market Disadvantage?

In-house lifers – those in-house counsel who have spent their entire careers as corporate counsel – are a special breed in the in-house counsel jobs market. Are in-house lifers at a disadvantage for their lack of law firm experience? The Lawyer Whisperer gives her thoughts: “In today’s legal environment, starting your legal career as an in house lawyer as opposed to law firm associate is not the kiss of death that it might have been in years past. In fact, it is becoming a more common choice among lawyers as companies increase their newbie hiring. In addition, for some employers, the law firm background holds decreasing importance as candidates mature and experience increases. So, generally speaking the legal community is becoming more socialized to this hiring profile. With this said, not all employers are as flexible with their hiring criteria.” Read: I’ve been an in house lawyer my entire career. Am I at a disadvantage in the job…

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