In Fear of a Lobby – In sacrifice of our children

May our children NEVER AGAIN die unnecessarily   The Florida state legislature failed our students miserably. They faced a crisis that has been in the making since even before Columbine:  a disturbed person, a former student, who was out to make the record books, to make a point or simply to be violent pulled a fire alarm and killed seventeen innocent people, wounding many more. He legally purchased an assault rifle and the shop who sold it to him, sold it legally. That assault rifle made his murderous march more lethal and more devastating. He pulled a fire alarm, most likely because it would cause more people to cross his path. He was armed with a rifle that he carried in a soft black case. Everything he did was purposed to make the catastrophe he planned more catastrophic. We have by now all seen the devastation that can be inflicted by an assault rifle, injuries including the destruction of bone and the shredding of tissue. Although a person with a hand gun leaves…

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