Improving Family Law

Family law plays a vital role in the balance of the public. It governs the most basic unit of our society, the family. In the advancing world that we live in, the perfect family is becoming uncommon. A lot end up in divorce. Every year, there are about 75,000 people who resort to divorce in fixing their marriages. Quite a number, you think? This statistics is only in Texas alone. Also, note that 40 to 50 percent of first-time marriages end up in divorce. Looks like a pretty tough job for the Family Court, right? Thousands of divorce papers, emotionally unstable parties, and the kids who are hurting most especially; this is the daily scenario of our Family Courts. Everyday, lawyers, judges, psychologists, social workers and even our police force work hand in hand to solve conflicts in our families. Nevertheless, our Family Law practitioners believe in one thing: the system is broken. The Family Court needs to be fixed and still a lot of people want to fix it.  …

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