Immigrants More Likely to Initiate Start-Ups than Americans

According to a recent NBC news report, immigrants start new businesses on a far more frequent basis than American, notwithstanding the visa challenges that they continue to face. In a 2016 report, the National Foundation for American Policy found that immigrants were responsible for more than half of American start-ups that were worth $1 billion or more. A more recent report from researchers at George Mason University that when immigrants run start-up businesses, they have a far higher level of innovation than American entrepreneurs. There is no dispute among economists who study the issue that immigrants starting new businesses do not replace Americans who also choose to do so; rather, these immigrants have a universally positive effect on all aspects of entrepreneurship and the general economy. Researchers point to the success of Silicon Valley, which long has been a world-wide gathering place for individuals from all corners of the earth to focus on innovative tech…

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