I’m Sorry, But You’re Apologizing Wrong

Women who want to help empower other women will often say, “Stop apologizing all the time.” Stop using the word “sorry” when you really mean “I don’t agree.” Stop saying “I’m sorry, I don’t understand” when you want a clear answer or coherent explanation. And please stop saying “sorry” when what you really mean is (ever so respectfully) “shut up and let me talk.” It’s true. Women do apologize a lot. Sure, it may be a simple verbal tic and not a clue to your true character. But if you want to be heard, you really need to stop starting every sentence with “sorry.” Pardon Me? Who hasn’t fallen into the “sorry” habit, though? Some days it seems that every email I write begins with “I’m so sorry! ” (Yes, with an exclamation point!) And some of us are genuinely sorry for mistakes, or for interrupting and taking time from someone’s busy…

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