Illinois Surgical Error Lawsuit Filed After Carpal Tunnel Procedure

This week the Madison St. Clair-Record reported on the filing of a new Illinois medical malpractice lawsuit following claims by a former patient that a surgical error caused her serious harm. The victimized patient who filed the suit claims that she visited the surgeon in November of 2009 to have a carpal tunnel procedure performed on her right hand. These procedures are particularly common for those who suffer from the syndrome which puts pressure on the nerve in the wrist which supplies feeling and movement to other parts in the hand. When left untreated, carpal tunnel can cause significant nerve damage, permanent hand weakness, and severe numbness. The carpal tunnel release surgery involves cutting into the ligament that is causing the pressure on the nerve to provide relief to the hand. However, the woman in this case claims that carpal tunnel release operation was botched. Specifically, she states in court filings that her surgeon cut her ulner nerve during the procedure and failed to fix the damage. As a result of this mistake, the woman claims that she now has a clawing of the hand, nerve damage, and loss control of the hand. Upon finally realizing the problem, the victim filed this Illinois medical malpractice lawsuit seeking to hold the doctor and the neurological medical center involved accountable for their mistake. It is hard to underestimate the way that these Illinois medical errors affect the lives of the victims. Even mistakes such as this one which appear only to affect a small part of the body, could have significant ramifications on the individual's life. Use of a hand is vital for the performance of basic and household tasks. When a botched procedure causes problems with the hand, the victim's entire life could be affected. Work might be missed, medical bills would mount, basic home care tasks would be impossible, and similar problems would accrue. When looked at in that light, it is easy to see how the victims would seek out basic accountability and redress so that they could make themselves whole and be compensated for the losses that should have been prevented. Our Chicago personal injury attorneys work with victims throughout the state who have been similarly hurt. We have experience on all forms of medical malpractice cases, including those involving surgical mistakes. When a patient goes "under the knife" it is imperative that the medical professionals involved not make mistakes that leave a patient worse off than before they went in for the procedure to begin with. If that mistake is made, then it is necessary for the negligent professional to be held accountable for their error. If you or someone you know is in this situation, please contact an experienced legal professional to share your story and learn what can be done to help. Timing matters in these situations, so it is advisable not to delay in visiting the legal professional. Statutes of limitation require the victim to official file suit a set amount of time after the neglect occurs. Considering that it takes some time to properly prepare for the filing of a lawsuit, there is benefit to talking with legal counsel as soon as feasible. See Our Related Blog Posts: Medical Malpractice Deaths Could Have Been Avoided if Doctors Washed Their Hands Too Much Noise in Operating Rooms Increase Surgical Errors

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