Idaho Legislature Repeals 2016 Changes to Non-Compete Law

Nicole Snyder by Nicole Snyder and A. Dean Bennett When a new business comes to town, when an existing business seeks to expand, or when a startup is making its way off the ground, it may want (or need) to recruit key employees from existing companies. That can be especially true in the technology field where experienced developers, analysts, and executives are hard to come by. In 2016, the Idaho legislature made it more difficult for key employees and independent contractors across all industries to change jobs when they were covered by a post-employment non-compete agreement. Recently, the Idaho legislature repealed that 2016 provision in a move seen as correcting an imbalance in the playing field between employers and their key employees when it comes to non-compete restrictions. A. Dean Bennett 2016 Non-Compete Presumption Burdened Key Employees When enacted in 2016, the recently repealed non-compete law was touted as business-friendly, as it strengthened an…

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