ICYMI: Gemmette on Law and Literature

ICYMI: Elizabeth Villiers Gemmette has published four very useful reference books and collections on law and literature, great additions to the law and literature scholar's bookshelf.Law and Literature: Legal Themes in Short Stories (Elizabeth Villiers Gemmette, ed., Praeger, 1992). Law in Literature: An Annotated Bibliography of Law-Related Works (Elizabeth Villiers Gemmette, ed., Whitston Publishing, 1998).Law in Literature: Legal Themes in American Stories: 1842-1917 (Elizabeth Villiers Gemmette, ed., The Buckingham Group, 2015).Law in Literature: Legal Themes in Novellas (Elizabeth Villiers Gemmette, ed., The Buckingham Group, 2017). She is also the author of Law and Literature: An Unnecessarily Suspect Class in the Liberal Arts Component of the Law School Curriculum, 28 Val. U. L. Rev. 267 (1989), Law and Literature: Joining the Class Action, 29 Val. U. L. Rev.665 (1994/1995), and Filling in the Silence: Domestic Violence, Literature, and Law, 32 Loy. Chi. U.…

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