I Take It Like a Man, But Not When Food Poisoning is Involved

Life is full of lessons. Some are hard, others a bit easier. But the take away – what we learn – is what lessons are all about right? It is how we grow from these lessons that define us as humans. I learned this early on from my grandfather and took it to heart as I grew older. One of the toughest lessons life threw my way was back in Junior High: the night I realized there is a reason mayonnaise (and any type of mayonnaise based dish) needs to be left in the refrigerator before it is served. My family was staying the weekend out of town at a friend’s house. We were attending a weekend-long tent revival and to say there was a multitude of people attending would be an understatement. Every day hundreds of church-goers milled around, visited the town, spent money, and used their time doing “church” things. Being a fan of food, one of the joys of meetings like this is the tables upon tables of every dish imaginable. It was a fun time. Meeting new…

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