I cannot think of many things I would agree with Senator Cotton on – except:

Senator Cotton Warns of Opioid Overdoses from Unwashed Poppy Seeds An opioid epidemic is sweeping the country. More than sixty thousand Americans are dying from opioid overdoses each year-more than the number of Americans who died in all twenty years of the Vietnam War. What a staggering fact that is. But behind each number is a tragedy for a family who loses its loved one. Today, I want to tell the story of the Hacala family from Rogers, Arkansas. It’s a story of love, persistence, courage. And, I hope, a story that will save other families from the tragedy they felt. Betty and Steve Hacala are joining us in the gallery today. I met Betty and Steve three weeks ago at a roundtable on the opioid epidemic in Little Rock with Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, state and local law enforcement, and the families of opioid victims. The news is full of tragic deaths from heroin, fentanyl, and prescription drugs. I met families that day whose children died from those well-known…

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