I-140 National Interest Waiver Approval for Korean Researcher (in the field of Plant Biology) in Columbus Ohio

CASE: I-140 / National Interest Waiver CLIENT: Korean LOCATION: Columbus, OH Our client contacted us in October 2016 about the possibility of doing a National Interest Waiver self-petition. He is a researcher from South Korea and he is an exceptional researcher and scientist in the field of plant developmental biology research. Our client’s significant contributions have placed him at the pinnacle of his field. He has pioneered the study of leaf and flower development and provided novel insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying floral transition from vegetative cells. Specifically, our client characterized bona fide regulators of cell proliferation of aerial lateral organs and floral transition. Because of his innovative experimental research, our client’s research works were highly evaluated by the reviewers of various journals and by colleagues and experts in the field. Upon review of his credentials and qualifications, our office determined that he was…

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