Husband Promises Spousal Support For Life, But Retirement Causes Him To Reconsider

After 30 years, it might be safe to assume that a divorce is well in the former couple’s rearview mirror. However, life is full of change, and those changes can sometimes have an impact on agreements made during a separation or divorce. This was demonstrated in a recent decision from the Court of Appeal for Ontario, in which the husband sought to alter a spousal support long after the couple’s divorce was finalized. The couple’s history The couple separated in 1985 following 17 years of marriage. During this time they had two children, who the mother stayed home with until they reached 12-years-old. When the children turned 12 they went to boarding school in London. It took six years but they agreed on minutes of settlement in 1991, and that agreement was reflected in their divorce judgment later that year. While the parties were married the husband was employed as  a dentist and had been earning up to $300,000 per year up until his retirement. The…

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