How to Tell Your Family You're Gettng Divorced

The decision to get divorced is often one of the hardest choices a person can make. Besides the divorce process itself, it is also difficult to make the announcement to all your family, friends, coworkers, and others. Although a divorce is painful for everyone involved, it is helpful for both parties to be on the same page when delivering the news. You and your spouse shared a community of mutual friends and some might not know how to react.  Describe Your Divorce in Simple Terms Not only will you have to tell people about your divorce, but once they start talking, you will get a lot of questions about your divorce as well. Come up with a brief description of your divorce, around one to three sentences. This will help steer the follow-up questions so you and they feel comfortable. Ask for What You Need Now that you have steered the conversation, you can ask for any help you may need. Most family and friends will want to offer their services but may not know how. Asking…

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