How to Respond to Cease and Desist Letters Concerning Non-Compete Agreements

Philadelphia Non-Compete AttorneyQuestions?  John will spend 5-10 minutes with you discussing your current work situation, your disability/FMLA leave, your non-compete agreement, your wage claim, your unemployment claim or your potential lawsuit at no charge to you.  Call 610-647-5027.  John is usually available 24/7.e-Mail me at: jag@johnagallagher.comEmployment Agreements Often Contain Confidentiality, Non-Compete and Non-Solicit CovenantsAlthough Generally Disfavored in Pennsylvania, Courts Will Enforce Them in Many CircumstancesWhat Should I do If I Receive a Cease and Desist Letter About a Non-Compete Agreement in Pennsylvania?If you have recently left a job and have a non-compete agreement, you may receive a cease and desist letter from your former employer or their lawyers.We have written extensively on the the "do's and dont's" where non-competes are concerned, and as has been emphasized, the number one thing that will "get…

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