How to prevent a hostile takeover

This M&A blog is very much focused on the when, how, what, why and who of M&A. However, sometimes in the world of business, M&A activity is not always your choice. A hostile takeover is when someone forces you to sell or at least tries to. Corporate takeovers are always complex. A hostile takeover adds additional complexities, but pre-emptive measures can be put in place to protect management. Defences are common, but you will need to seek out sell-side M&A expert that focuses specifically on these techniques. Hostile takeovers in summary Most corporate takeovers are friendly in nature. Friendly in business means that the majority of the company’s stakeholders support the acquisition. However, corporate takeovers can sometimes become hostile. The definition of a hostile takeover is when one business attempts to take control over a public company against the consent of existing management or the company’s board of directors. We will publish a…

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