How to modify court orders

Michael Busby With the help of a South Houston divorce lawyer, it is possible to modify the provisions of the final divorce decree. Note that the operating word here is ‘modify’ and not ‘change’. The burden of ‘show cause’ lies with the applicant of the modification and his lawyer. You must show that the situation of the child and that of one or both parents has changed substantially and materially. Substantially in that it will lead to the deterioration of the quality of life and materially in that the parent given the right of possession may not afford similar lifestyle as the one the child has been used to. The following are the conditions in which a court may grant a modification order. The children have lived in another county for more than 6 months If the children and the parent staying with them have lived in another county other than where the final divorce decree was made, either of the parent is entitled to petition the court where…

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