How to Interview and Choose a Foreclosure Attorney – San Francisco

There is much press these days on foreclosures. With people filing bankruptcy, and unemployment striking almost every household, people who want to keep their homes will do better in the foreclosure process by knowing how to interview and choose a foreclosure attorney in San Francisco Bay Area, like Walnut Creek. Some attorneys in San Francisco will advise a person who is behind on mortgage payments to file bankruptcy. If a person chooses to go with this advice, the person should find an attorney that is straight in his dealings. There are many attorneys being invested by Attorney General Jerry Brown for taking advantage of people unable to pay their mortgages. Several attorneys have been disbarred or suspended. All of a debtor's actions will be strictly examined by the bankruptcy court once a person files for bankruptcy. It is important to find an attorney who advises to avoid unnecessary and costly complications that result from favoring creditors or transferring assets with the intent to shelter them. Though people in financial hardship worry about money, what is more important to worry about is integrity. If a person decides to file bankruptcy to keep a home from foreclosure, the person needs to appear at a 341 hearing at the bankruptcy court. At this meeting the trustee will question the debtor under oath about his assets, liabilities, transfers, income. On the home, the trustee may ask when it was purchased, the market value, and any rents from the property. The trustee may send an appraiser to the property. At the 341 hearing, creditors may be present and question the debtor about the circumstances under which the debtor incurred the debt. When engaging an attorney in San Francisco, find someone who will help you against committing fraud. Be sure to read the FBI warning posters at the bankruptcy court. If a person commits fraud in filing bankruptcy, the debts will not be discharged. A responsible lawyer will help a debtor prepare for court meetings. Rinne Legal provides counseling to individuals and businesses on living trusts, bankruptcies, and loan modifications, foreclosures, alternative energy. Call for a no charge initial consultation on Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy, estate planning, international business, or loan modification and foreclosure. Follow Rinne Legal on Twitter @RinneLegal. Become a FaceBook Fan of Rinne Legal. These blog posts are for informational purposes only and not intended nor should be construed as legal advice. Rinne Legal has offices in Fairfield, San Francisco, Walnut Creek.

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