How to Handle Employee Complaints

By: Joseph Rust Your employee came to you and just made a complaint of harassment or discrimination. However, seemingly minor, you as the employer, have a duty to investigate the complaint. You may be left wondering what exactly you are supposed to do. While there are no hard fast rules and all complaints are unique, here are a few tips: Understand the Complaint Employee complaints encompass the full range from serious allegations that require official action and minor wrongs with little to no substance. It is also important to remember and realize that complaints are subjective, and what may seem like “no big deal,” to you, could really be affecting your employee’s work and personal life. Do not become too cynical to employee complaints. At the end of the day, your job is to run and make the business better. Ignoring employee complaints, especially those stemming from harassment, will undoubtedly lead to high turnover in your business. Take the time to listen…

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