How to Fix a Broken Estate Plan

By Bernard A. Krooks, Esq., Littman Krooks LLP Recently, we discussed the challenges one might face if they decided to write their own will.  We pointed out numerous things that could go wrong and the fact that lawyers do much more than draft documents.   Lawyers make sure that the documents are drafted accurately and reflect your wishes and estate planning objectives.  After all, as we stated, once you are deceased it is likely too late to fix any mistakes you made in drafting your own will.  There is however, at least one very important tool, called a renunciation, which can be utilized in some instances after your death to make things right and help ensure that your estate planning intentions are carried out. Under New York law, if you are supposed to receive property under a will, trust, or even property held jointly with someone else, you may have the right to renounce all or part of such interest in that property.  The renunciation must…

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