How to File a Reimbursement Claim During a Texas Divorce

  Having questions about whether you can file a reimbursement claim is pretty normal, considering that you are still figuring out stuff about the division of property during the divorce. A huge part of a Texas divorce involves determining which property is owned by whom, which property is separate property and which ones are community property that must be split. This will all be new to you, so you will surely have a lot of questions. Before we discuss anything about filing a reimbursement claim, we need to fully understand the concept of separate and community property. Categorizing Your Properties Basically, when it comes to a divorce, there are three categories where each of your properties will fall into. You are probably aware that Texas is a ‘community property state’. That’s the first category your properties could fall into. Property that you and your spouse acquired during the length of your marriage will fall into this category. Inheritance and…

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