How to Cope with an Uncooperative Co-Parent

How to Cope with an Uncooperative Co-Parent In a perfect world, after a divorce or separation, parents would be able to put the past behind them and come together as a team to raise happy and healthy children in a conflict-free environment. But in the real world, past hurt and heightened emotions often get in the way of cooperative co-parenting. When co-parenting with an ex who seemingly refuses to move beyond past conflict, it’s important to remember this mantra: The only person you can change is yourself. It may feel frustrating, yet realizing that you cannot reasonably expect to control your co-parent’s behavior is the first step toward finding solutions that meet your own needs. Once you’ve come to terms with the fact that your co-parent’s behavior is beyond your control (and that you are also not responsible for their behavior), you can get to work on implementing systems that help you raise children unburdened by parental conflict. To what extent…

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