How to Conduct Effective Workplace Investigations

Photo by Agence Olloweb on Unsplash One of an employer’s worst nightmares is having a workplace incident. And the worst workplace incidents are the ones where the employer has no idea what to do. Fortunately, there are some things that employers can do to avoid this situation. Workplace investigations can be broken down into 3 different parts: 1) preparing for a problem before it occurs; 2) conducting the investigation; and 3) making a decision and following through. Preparation is Key: Many incidents at work could have been prevented with better preparation and communication with employees, and a problem that is prevented is one less headache for you as an employer. You Need to Communicate Expectations with Your Employees  It is imperative that employees know the rules that they are required to follow. An employee that does not know the rules is going to feel like they are being unfairly treated when they are eventually disciplined for a rule…

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