How to Avoid a Truck vs. Motorcycle Accident

It’s a scenario most drivers can’t, and don’t want to, envision: seeing an 80,000-pound steel machine barreling down on them, crashing into their car. Now imagine that you don’t have 5,000 pounds of vehicle with a roof and sides to protect you. Motorcycles, weighing in at just 200 – 700 pounds, lack the structural framework that helps shield other motorists. A truck-involved accident is a life and death matter for any driver; for motorcyclists, though, the odds of walking away from such an event relatively unscathed are significantly lower. How can conscientious riders avoid catastrophic collisions? And when a collision occurs, should you contact a motorcycle accident lawyer? A Clear and Present Danger Information is the first line of defense. While motorcycle vs. truck accidents make up a smaller percentage of overall statistics than car vs. truck collisions, they typically have far more severe consequences. According to the National Highway…

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