How Much Alimony Will I Have to Pay in My Pennsylvania Divorce?

To be sure, most legal aspects of divorce are confusing and unpleasant to those going through them. But unlike the issue of property distribution, where a couple splits their property amongst each other through the process of equitable distribution, the payment of alimony can feel strange, unfamiliar, and even unjust when one of the spouses is asked by another spouse to provide them with monthly payments after the marriage has ended (and regardless of who wanted the divorce), when all of the property that was accumulated during the marriage has already been divided. Make no mistake, however: alimony is frequently awarded in Pennsylvania divorces over the objections of the paying spouse who may not think it is necessary. And although “necessity” is a threshold for awarding alimony in Pennsylvania, what you as the paying spouse thinks is necessary and what the court thinks is necessary may be two very different things. Factors Affecting the Duration and Amount of…

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