How Long Does Alimony Last in South Carolina?

The length of your South Carolina alimony obligations can vary from a one-time lump sum payment to a permanent monthly payment to support your former spouse. Judges have a lot of discretion and consider many factors when determining the length and amount of alimony. There are no bright-line rules to tell you exactly how long you’ll be paying alimony. Permanent Alimony Permanent periodic alimony is still allowable under South Carolina law. In this arrangement, the payor spouse makes periodic payments—often monthly—to the supported spouse.  These payments will continue until one of the following events occurs: The supported spouse remarries. The supported spouse cohabitates with another adult in a romantic relationship. Either spouse passes away. The payor spouse moves for an alimony modification that is granted by the court. Other types of alimony are finite, such as lump-sum alimony. This amount is paid a single lump-sum or a period of installment…

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