How Long Does a Will Remain Valid?

A will is generally valid until you either revoke it or modify it by adding a codicil. Whether your will was made last week or several decades ago, it continues to be a legally binding document if you haven’t take the necessary steps to revoke it. Whether a will is still appropriate for your current situation is an entirely separate question. There are also some changed circumstances that won’t revoke a will, but may alter certain provisions of the will. Life Events That Impact Your Will The following events could result in a modification to your will after it is created under North Carolina state law: Divorce after the will. If you divorce after creating your will, the will still remains valid, but the provisions benefiting your former spouse are revoked. Children born after the will. Children born after the creation of a will generally have a right to share in the estate’s property to the same extent they would under North Carolina’s intestacy laws.…

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