How Do You Spell Trouble? ROFR, ROFO, ROLO, ROFN? All?

PrintLast week we expressed the belief that very few tenants are “entitled” to receive a Right of First Refusal (First Offer, Last Offer, First Notice) and that very few landlords should give in when any of these are requested. We also wrote that we didn’t think any deals would go south if the landlord said, “No.” Well, that’s the ideal world as seen by Ruminations. But, we also live in the real world. Sometimes leases give tenants one of those rights. On August 4, 2013, in our 125th blog posting (this is our 383rd), we used this title: “What Were You Thinking? Was It a ROFO, ROFN, ROFR or ROLO?” Those who weren’t with us five years ago and those with sieve-like memories similar to our own, may want to visit that posting. That’s easy – just click: HERE. The biggest issue with a landlord giving one of these rights to its tenant is not a legal one; it is not a business one; it is much simpler. Most landlords…

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