How Do I Know If My Kids Are OK During My Divorce?

Divorce is not only stressful and life changing for you, but also for your children. As a parent, you want your children to come out of your divorce as unscathed as possible. How do you ensure that happens? You are likely more emotional and busier than ever during your divorce process.  However, now is the time to stay connected with your children. Spend special time with them doing activities that they enjoy. Check in with their teachers, coaches, and friends to make sure that they are doing okay. Find Professionals to Support Your Child If you notice behavior changes in your child, seek help from a professional. Children experiencing divorce may exhibit many different behaviors. They may act out, start hanging with the “wrong crowd,” experiment with drugs and alcohol, become sexually promiscuous, or develop a food addiction. In contrast, some children become withdrawn. They may purposely injure themselves or even attempt suicide. Children who already suffer…

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